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Rethinking Lower Back Pain

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2021

This week I take you through a short flow while we talk about all things lower back pain. 8 out of 10 people go through some sort of discomfort in this region. 8 out of 10!!!! Are you serious?! That's insane. Which tells me it's time to get to work.
Today, I'm going to show you how to incorporate my 4 must have exercises in combating lower back pain. Press play to watch the whole video. 
1 Hamstring lengthening
2 Glute strengthening
3 Spinal rotation
4 Abdominal engagement
What's tricky about lower back pain is that it can stem from almost anything. The origin of each person's pain is unique to them (it's not a one-size fits all). So trying to target a specific area to work on is more trouble than its worth. Instead, move the body through all three planes of motion (front to back, side-to-side, and through rotation). You might be surprised to find out what's actually in need of work (spoiler alert, it's not your lower back)....
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Overcoming Exercise Burnout

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

What happens when you're just over it? How do you come back to your fitness? How do you recharge and stay committed to your goals? 

This week we talk about the 4 tips I use to stay motivated. Press play and join me for a quick chat on things you can do and ways to can change up the game.

And if you're still struggling to get moving, try our 7 day yoga challenge below. Just click the link and start today for FREE. 

As always, I'm here if you need me. Don't be a stranger. Let me know how I can help!

Until the next time,


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Is Injury Prevention a Myth?

recovery Mar 23, 2021

Jumpstart your recovery today: Take the 7 Day Yoga Challenge

What if I told you that no matter what you do you can't prevent injury? It seems almost obvious, but we throw around the term "injury prevention" as if it were magic. Hell, I've been doing it for years. I'm sure if you scroll through my website the words are everywhere.

But when asked this week if I had any tips on how to prevent injury, I was silent. For the first time, I really listened to that question and understood it on a different level. 

Injuries happen no matter what you do. You could break your ankle stepping out of bed, reach for a pen wrong and dislocate your finger. There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent injury. Isn't that refreshing? It means that you don't have to beat yourself up when it happens. 

It's time to reframe the picture and instead look at the preventative measures you can take to truly set yourself up for success, so that when and...

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My Morning Routine - A Day in the Life

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2021

 To me, recovery is whatever you do to sustain an active lifestyle. period. It ain't the same for you and it ain't the same for me. There are some basic principles that show up everywhere, like sleep, movement and water intake, but the majority of it is ever evolving. 

The challenge most days is just fitting it in. We have the aspiration and we know how important it is, but where is the time? 

I'm a big believer in the power of conquering the morning. So I talk a lot about waking up early and getting after it. This week I thought I would show you. Today is a look at my morning routine and how I try to weave in recovery into all aspects of my life so that what I do is sustainable and effective for my life with three small children, a husband and a business to run. 

So set your alarm, click the link to this video and let's go! 

>> Wanna add more recovery? Check out our FREE 7-day yoga challenge (link in bio and on the side of our blog page)


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The Internal Journey - Living the Niyamas

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2021

Hey Friend,

Last week was all about the Yamas and how our actions affect those around us. Now, we look at the Niyamas and how the inward journey can transform our everything. 

Reading about these and practicing these in my life this week has been insane. I am dumbfounded at how simple, yet profound these concepts are. I feel like these are words and ideas that we have heard time and time again. But when they're are boiled down into, what I might call a check-list of sorts, they somehow turn into something tangible, more doable. 

So let's jump in this week and explore the Niyamas. Join the conversation on Instagram and follow along with our weekly challenge of incorporating these practices into your life. 


1. Saucha - purity of body and mind

2. Santosha - contentment (the practice of gratitude)

3. Tapas - discipline

4. Svadhyaya - self study

5. Ishvara Pranidhana - surrender 

Until the next time...See ya on the mat!


Your virtual yoga...

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A Day in the Life of the YAMAS

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2021

The first part of the Pandemic was a blur of sweatpants and Netflix. And then out of nowhere I woke the f up. I started setting these crazy ass goals. I wanted to level up in all the things . Nutrition, Education, Parenting, Finances ... like ALL the things.

So naturally, I started working to finish my teacher training (Remember? Big, hairy, audacious goals lol). This meant I got to relearn everything I've ever learned all over again. And to be honest, I'm still learning.

But the beginning for me is always the first limb of the 8-limb path - relearning the Yamas and then the Niyamas (the second limb). Together, they form the 10 ethical guidelines to live a more peaceful, meaningful existence. Kind of like the 10 commandments of yoga.

In Deborah Adele's book, The Yamas and Niyamas she writes: "If we have begun to live the first five jewels well, we may notice that our time is freeing up and there is more breathing space in our lives. The days begin to feel a little lighter and...

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There's No One Way to Do Anything!

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2021

This week on the blog: I want to change the dialog surrounding recovery. I want us as fitness professionals and specialists to make space for one another, and to stop lying about the fact that we have the one and only answer to what serves the athlete population.

What works for one, may not work for another. And let's be real, real - we're all making this sh$% up as we go anyway! I do not possess the only answer. YOU do not possess the only answer.

There is no one way to do anything.

What happens when we move away from having to be right and instead move towards wanting to be useful? Can we become more inclusive of ideas and less mean-spirited about one another?

To listen to my full Ted Talk on being more inclusive and what it means to adapt the usefulness metric, press play and join the conversation.

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You Have a Strength Coach. Why Don't You Have a Yoga Coach?

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021
hmmmmmm? It only sound absurd, because it hasn't happened yet. But really, why isn't there a recovery specialist on staff with your program? And maybe there is and I just don't know it. But I'm going to throw something wild out there and say that yoga deserves a seat at the table. 
I met with the head of Athletico a few times to talk about his journey and the role of recovery and preventive medicine for athletes. Something that struck me, was his beginning. So small - meager even. But he had a vision to provide PT to schools and pro teams across the country. And now he has hundreds of locations and works with damn near everybody. 
Why can't yoga do the same? Watch this week's blog and help me figure out how.
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When Yoga Moves Beyond Just Stretching

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2021

It's time to level up your game! Yes, you. If you're already floating on a mountain top with Guru status, then consider yourself excused from this week's blog. Today is all about taking our practice to the next level and moving beyond stretching.

These 6 practices brought the poses to life for me. I can't recommend this info enough. Especially if you're newer to the practice. So let's talk about. 

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No One Said You Had to be a Yogi

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2021

The more I learned about yoga, the more conflicted I was. I struggled to reconcile my own lifestyle with the many tenants of yoga and wondered if I could ever measure up. Did I have to be a vegan? Was this a religion? Did it matter if I was Hindu or not? I started to question whether or not this practice was for me. It wasn't until I read B.K.S Iyengar's book, Light on Life, that I had a revelation about what it means to practice yoga. 

I learned that:

1. There are levels to this

2. Understanding the foundation and the history of yoga is key

3. It's ok to have imposter syndrome

4. And that yoga is for everyone! 

If you struggle with the same hesitation, I invite you to take a listen to this week's blog. And if you're not quite sure about taking those first steps, you can always join us on our 7 Day Yoga Challenge. We'd love to have you! 

Until next time,



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