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Is Injury Prevention a Myth?

Mar 23, 2021

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What if I told you that no matter what you do you can't prevent injury? It seems almost obvious, but we throw around the term "injury prevention" as if it were magic. Hell, I've been doing it for years. I'm sure if you scroll through my website the words are everywhere.

But when asked this week if I had any tips on how to prevent injury, I was silent. For the first time, I really listened to that question and understood it on a different level. 

Injuries happen no matter what you do. You could break your ankle stepping out of bed, reach for a pen wrong and dislocate your finger. There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent injury. Isn't that refreshing? It means that you don't have to beat yourself up when it happens. 

It's time to reframe the picture and instead look at the preventative measures you can take to truly set yourself up for success, so that when and if those injuries occur they aren't as severe as they could be. 

So let's talk about the 5 pillars of recovery that can get you back on track when injury strikes and the things we can do on the daily to hold off any major setbacks.  


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