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My Morning Routine - A Day in the Life

Mar 17, 2021

 To me, recovery is whatever you do to sustain an active lifestyle. period. It ain't the same for you and it ain't the same for me. There are some basic principles that show up everywhere, like sleep, movement and water intake, but the majority of it is ever evolving. 

The challenge most days is just fitting it in. We have the aspiration and we know how important it is, but where is the time? 

I'm a big believer in the power of conquering the morning. So I talk a lot about waking up early and getting after it. This week I thought I would show you. Today is a look at my morning routine and how I try to weave in recovery into all aspects of my life so that what I do is sustainable and effective for my life with three small children, a husband and a business to run. 

So set your alarm, click the link to this video and let's go! 

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