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The Internal Journey - Living the Niyamas

Mar 10, 2021

Hey Friend,

Last week was all about the Yamas and how our actions affect those around us. Now, we look at the Niyamas and how the inward journey can transform our everything. 

Reading about these and practicing these in my life this week has been insane. I am dumbfounded at how simple, yet profound these concepts are. I feel like these are words and ideas that we have heard time and time again. But when they're are boiled down into, what I might call a check-list of sorts, they somehow turn into something tangible, more doable. 

So let's jump in this week and explore the Niyamas. Join the conversation on Instagram and follow along with our weekly challenge of incorporating these practices into your life. 


1. Saucha - purity of body and mind

2. Santosha - contentment (the practice of gratitude)

3. Tapas - discipline

4. Svadhyaya - self study

5. Ishvara Pranidhana - surrender 

Until the next time...See ya on the mat!


Your virtual yoga coach,



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