Start a Daily Yoga Practice with Just 15 Minutes a Day

You workout multiple times a week. Some days you get out of bed and things just ache. You love your fitness, but somehow you keep skipping your recovery. Sound familiar? If so, our monthly yoga series is for you. We take out the guesswork and make recovery a part of the routine. 

You take one live Zoom class a week and complete a daily 15 minute "homework" flow on the days you don't have class. It's that simple. Choose your class and get started today. 

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Pick ONE of TWO class options 

  1. Yoga for Lower Back Pain OR

  2. Yoga for Hips and Shoulders

Each week you have a 60 min class focused on your area of need. In addition, you receive a 15 min flow to do on the days you don't have class. Sign up and keep going or do one month at a time. No commitment. Cancel at anytime. 

Yoga for lower back pain works on strengthening the muscles that support your trunk, inner thighs and feet (your core muscles), rotation of the spine and opening of your hamstrings. 

Tuesdays at 6:30am CST

Yoga for hips and shoulders works to alleviate tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders. We do this by using blocks and various techniques. We also spend time stretching muscles in your hips, quads and glutes.

Thursdays at 6:30am CST


What people are saying...

Meg H.

"Love your program Annette! The daily flows are such a nice addition to your weekly classes. I love the feeling of being so stretched out!" 

Carolyn K.

"What I was surprised by most really shouldn't come as a shock to me anymore- adding yoga in on a regular basis has restored a sense of calm that I had been missing in my current "routine" (or lack thereof)."  

Marie Y.

"I spend so much time fixated on my goals with my workouts, I forget how significant recovery is to achieving those goals!!! ...I need to not only mix up my current workout regimen, but make sure to include yoga in it WEEKLY moving forward!" 

...ADD STRENGTH for an additional $10/week

In addition to your weekly class, add one YS 30/30 class to your week. These classes are 30 mins of strength and 30 mins of yoga.

Wednesdays at 9:30 am CST

Not sure if it's for you? Press play on the video to the right and experience your own FREE 60 min YS 30/30 class. 

*This class is only offered as an addition to your monthly package and is not sold on an individual basis. All classes are recorded and available for one week after filming. 


Yoga + Strength Class Packs

Take two classes a week instead of one, for just an additional $10/week. 

Key benefits from this series


Accountability. You get a committed community of like-minded people all moving in the same direction. We take away the planning and the thought process to give you an experience that is rich in value without skimping on the quality. Everything is laid out to support your life and create habits that work in line with your goals. 


Start your recovery today! 

Select the track that works for you and make yoga a regular part of your fitness.

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