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The War on Chatarunga

Jan 20, 2021

“Exhale, chatarunga,” might just be the most scrutinized cue in yoga. The transition from high to mid plank, on the way to updog and downdog, is widely considered by some to be unnecessary, dangerous and over-used. But what if they’re wrong?

Let’s talk about it.

Is chatarunga really that bad? Is it dangerous? Should we still use it as a transition? And does it have a place with athletes? 

In this week’s blog we break it down and look at:

  1. What makes it dangerous
  2. Is it wrong to use it with athletes
  3. Why most people don’t teach it
  4. And the four actions that will keep your shoulders safe while moving through chatarunga

Learn how to practice the transition safely and to discern when it’s useful and when it’s not. Thanks so much for reading. Check out our options to practice and join us on the mat soon!


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