Lock in your teams recovery with one click (press play!)

  • Every week you'll receive an email with your team's recovery program. Along, with recommended times to practice.
  • Everything is based on where your team is within season and is designed to work with YOUR schedule.

  • Simply click play and make recovery a regular part of your team's strategy.

  • Receive access to all archived classes and meditations.

Our goal is to make the process easy and sustainable so that your players see results. 

Tailor Your Recovery

What you need will vary throughout the season, based on games, practices and time regulations. Your recovery should do the same. 

Pre Season

  • 30 min flow (body)
  • 30 min restorative (recovery)
  • 15 min meditation (mind)

In Season

  • 60 min flow (body)
  • 30 min restorative (recovery)
  • 15 min meditation (mind)

Post Season

  • 30 min flow (body)
  • 60 min restorative (recovery)
  • 30 min flow + meditation